Let the narcissism begin!

I always thought that to have a blog you must be very self involved and have too much time on your hands. Now that I have a blog I know this is true. I am going to try to keep all my postings on the up and up. If I start sharing with the world my fragile emotional state then some one please slap me. For now I am going to do my best to use this as a productive way of procrastinating; posting some of the drawings I do while I avoid doing legit design projects and I will try to post the work of illustrators and designers I admire. I am going to try to keep it mostly drawing based with a dash of craft and a teaspoon of typography. These are the things that get my motor running. That and things made of wood. Well that’s all for now my friends. I will leave you with a drawing by the great Michael C. Hsiung, one of my faves. Take care my little sunflowers!


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8 responses to “Let the narcissism begin!

  1. Joann

    Joy! I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Reiko

    I’m here! Good news…now you’re procrastinating will encourage my procrastinating! Team work!
    But hey! In order to properly procrastinate, I need more Carly-art and banter!
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. Paul O'Neill

    Love your artwork Carly, especially the moustache drawing. It made me laugh out loud.

  4. Boody

    This is a wonderful blog Carly! I will continue to follow you!…only because you’re my YaYa Sister:) Just kindin!

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