Blog Love {4 reasons why }

There are 4 major factors that have led to this little piece of internet that has been created by yours truly and I thought I would explain my recent change of heart towards the blog world.  The 1st and major factor is that I recently purchase a shiny new wireless printer/scanner/copier combination unit. I feel like a if this little number told me I was pretty and did my taxes I would think I was in love. I don’t know how I lived with out it and Kinkos has a smell that makes me nervous. I hope to avoid it as much as possible from here on in. The 2nd major factor is a book I purchased called Sketchbooks:The Hidden Art of Designers, Illustrators & Creatives. I have looked at the pictures too many times to mention. It has excerpts from the artist discussing the importance and the attachment they all have to their sketchbooks. Some of the works are mind blowing amazing, some of them are not as elaborate as you may expect, but the importance of cataloging your thoughts and ideas is well illustrated. This also reinforced one of the important lessons I learned during my semester in New Zealand, to show your process, show your ideas, show your experiments. I feel like this has really helped me. The 3rd major factor in me blogging it up is I genuinely love my sketchbooks. I love filling the pages with words, doodles and illustrations. I think keeping these things all together some how makes me feel like my life is pulled together. Putting a pen to paper is cathartic for me and I genuinely enjoy it. The 4th and most practical and important maybe is to get my work, as quick and disposable as some of it may be, on the internet. It is my last semester as a student and I need to start showcasing who I am, what I am doing. Through a great and slightly nerve wracking assignment at school I was lucky enough to do a tag team interview with the members of Always With Honor, along with my school friend and real life amiga Heather Hastings. I interview Tyler Lang while Heather interviewed Elsa Chaves. They are both young talented and successful designers and were gracious enough to impart us with some critical lessons. One of the majors that I took away was get a presence out there. Get a web site and a blog going and get at it because time is a wasting……… here I am………..taking up space. I hope you like.

click on lovely Australian Shepard’s to grab the wallpaper from Kitsune Noir!


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8 responses to “Blog Love {4 reasons why }

  1. maddie

    yay blog!

    i almost bought that book the other day, but i was already spending an obscene amount of money on design magazines, so i decided against it. but now i’m wishing that i had bought it…

  2. Mandy

    Carly…may I just say…you are awesome!

  3. thanks for giving little old nz a mention! my country misses you!
    your drawings rock, uber jealous, keep up the good work!
    and whens our skype date???

    • Um I miss your country!!!! Mostly because your in it! You got mad skillz Becky your site looks amazing and you need not be jealous of me. I missed our effing skype date Sunday….cause I am a nob. Can you do my friday? I will just leave the skype open while I home work.

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