Rain and Haiti gives me the sads…..

So, in the saddest news ever department, Haiti is in total chaos. I know there are tons of good organizations out there that have already raised millions but the country has been devastated and it will take more. Us GDMA kids are brewing up some top notch plans to do something about it. This will of course require some help from you…. and I will keep you posted. You can also paruz the GDMA 2010 blog-o-verse for more good things coming.

I think this horrible distance between me and the sun is getting to me. I leave messages on its answering machine and it never returns my calls. I invite it to my Facebook events such as, “Carly wants to run in the park” and it declines and leaves passive aggressive post like “you better wear your gum boots.”  I have become a crazy women: asking around, trying to see who the sun is hanging out with when were not together. I drive by it’s house, the sky, to see if it’s home. I think the sun only comes out when I am in class so we wont casually run into each other. I don’t mind if the sun sees other people, that’s fine. I am not jealous. I just want to talk. Sun, if your reading this call me. or I will cut you. JUST KIDDING. but seriously……

Jessica, the charming enchantress said lovely things about me on her blog and accomplished many things yesterday, the witty and pretty Heather Hastings has now dominated the blog world, and I on the other hand have had a week of underachieving. It is a warm and comfortable place. Today I walked up the stairs with Joann instead of taking the elevator, irritated Andrew with my sass, bought substandard coffee from our dirt bag cafeteria and drew a picture while listening to Mother Mother…. about a Mother Mother song. I will reach for the stars tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Rain and Haiti gives me the sads…..

  1. Joann

    I really do hope we brew up something juicy for the fundraising for Haiti. I would be ecstatic if we could raise a few hundreds.

    I must confess, I have been seeing the sun. He told me he still has feelings for you though.

  2. Dammit! I knew it! Is the Sun in Seattle that cheating bastard!?

    On Haiti, I dig what you were putting down on FB. My roomate Joanne aka Mommy and I started looking at organization last night and then was side track by the awful and amazing Jersey Shore. There so orange and fighty. I am reading all you things now.

  3. Julia

    I love your letter to the sun.
    I hate what happened in Haiti
    I am not good at writing like you and your people but I wanted you to know its fun to read your blogs and see your art work. Love you

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