Scrolly Discoveries.

I thought I would never re-post, but I am a dirty liar. I’m doing it. Next thing you know I will be mugging  grannies and stealing cars….. Anyways, I was looking through We Love You So, a blog by Spike Jonze and the makers of Where The Wild Things and fell in love with the work of Jesse Hazelip. His imagery is amazing. He has graffiti artist roots with fine art style. I love, I love!

Also in the realm of the pretty and not recycled from the blog-o-verse is the work of John Antoski, a fellow wood loving Canadian making objects for me to admire. These sculptures make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

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  1. Reiko

    Très bien Bo-Barly! Much better…I love your pictures! I can see you in your drawings! And can feel myself getting cooler by the minute thanks to your blog!
    And the little wood-cutter-man sculpture by John A….I want to go and live in that little man’s world! I bet it’s lovely.
    Anyway, thanks a million. Your blog is now another tool (along with my cbc podcasts) that lets me feel fuzzily canadian whenever I want (I want! I want!).
    Love from where the french things are…Bisous!

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