Books about design and wiskers on kittens…

One of my favorite things in the entire world is books. Hands down top 5. In that fancy place where I do all that book learning, we have a group paper to write about finding your boundaries and ethical standards in design. I went to Chapters today to pick up one book in particular and ended up with three. I am weak. I will keep you posted on the quality of the new books and I also have to older numbers to recommend.

Oldy but a goody: How to be a Graphic Designer with out losing your soul

GDMA Kids, every one can use this for there paper, it covers everything

Newbie: Do Good Design

Read great reviews on this. I will keep you posted

Newbie: Graphic Design: A users Manual

written by the same dude who wrote How to be….. Hope it’s not exactly the same

Impulse buy: Dirty Fingernails

I love it all ready! 2 thumbs in outer space. It’s about graphics done by hand

Oldy but a goody: A Source Book of Contemporary Graphic Design

Images and bios from designers from around the world including Canadian rock stars, Paprika.

also if some blog savy person could tell me why all my images look like some one pissed on them all the sudden I will dedicate my next drawing to you and give you a piggy back ride to where ever you like.

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