It’s been so long my friends!

When I started this blog I had some grand ideas about being fairly consistent with the posting, but this week broke me down a bit. Us GDMA kids had a rough one but I feel like I am back on my “A” game and I am hoping my class mates are feeling the same. So this is a wee bit delayed but the lovely Jose at wordpress made my blog unpixilated for me, I said I would draw the fixer of the blog a picture and though I don’t know you Jose I imagined that you had a thin mustache and dark rimmed glasses….. I feel these may be requirements to having the name. Maybe you also speak Spanish. You probably do, cause you are smart at computers and more then likely also smart at languages. That or your parents are hippies who spent time at an ashram in Mexico. Either way you are great and thank you!

I also drew this in class today. I have been making too many Valentines lately and I love saying sweet Jesus.

speaking of which, tis the season to feel lonely! Us GDMA kids are fundraising the pants out of this capitalist holiday! Buy stuff from our etsy store soon to be hawking goods. These epic cards will be there as well as other amazing and magical surprises! Keep checking in here or at the gdma blog OR at the store itself. Good things are coming, I kid you not!

One more bit of info my pretties! This straight off the wordpress tonight and straight from the fingers of Miss Jessica Luch or as I like to call her J-luch:

“I’m very proud to publicly announce that GDMA2010 has begun work on a small fundraiser for the terrible situation Haiti. We, as a class, feel very strongly that it is our responsibility, as designers, to use our skills to try and mend some of the worlds problems. Call us young and naive, but we are determined to make difference, even if it’s a small one. That’s why our class is committed to raising funds for Haiti. Today we began work on making hand crafted buttons to sell online and at the university, they go on sale February 4th. All proceeds will go directly to the Canadian Red Cross.”

So stoked for all these fab happenings! Keep cyber stalking me for updates! One day I may be famous and you could say “hey I knew that chick when she shit talked on her blog and try to sell me inappropriate V-day cards.” That or you will see me collecting food stamps and avoid eye contact. I think we all know which scenario is more likely. Big girls gotta eat too.


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6 responses to “It’s been so long my friends!

  1. Joann

    You are good.

    I adore all your cards and will be your first customer.

  2. Aww, I even blushed, thank you! And you’re not far off the mark… I do have glasses and a (not so thin) moustache and speak Spanish (see my link).

    I’ve also asked my parents about the ashram in Mexico, but they just looked at each other and said nothing…

    • hahah I wasn’t too far from the mark! I am glad you enjoyed the picture and hey, that’s a great mission to have. Sounds like your actually doing it which is even greater… Also sound like your parents are hiding something. I think further investigation may be required to get to the bottom of this!

  3. Dan Caldwell

    Carly. You make me want to shoop. nuf said.
    (ps- when do I get you in my life? I need more Caplette. I break out Caplette-isism’s in the vain attempt to be funny and witty at work, “gear down big rig” is fitting but lost on most I work with)
    call me. Lets shoop together. (but not likeTHAT…. I’m married. K maybe if you ask Karin and she says yes.
    Call me.
    ummm, is the the spot to request more drar-wings of pixies with tattoos and other fun stuff?

    • Dearest Danny boy, Perhaps when I graduate I will move to Kimberly and live in your basement. I will be like your first born and you can make all the mistakes new parents make on me instead of destroying your own child. I think this is the best plan of action and I will slowly be sending all my things to you via the greyhound bus. I believe I still owe you a pic of tinker bell riding a fish, perhaps that will my next conquest!

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