A wee bit under the weather…..

Yesterday I had a 6 hour headache and it was awesome to say the least. It allowed me to sit in complete darkness at 6pm in the fetal position and slowly and painfully fall asleep, only to wake up about every 20 minutes to horrible dreams like these classics: I have slept in and I am late for school, I just got in a car accident and my ovary shaped car has been crumpled like a piece of paper and now I must move back to the city, and my personal favorite, You have arrived at school only to realize you are completely naked except for your book bag and no one is really talking about it but it’s painfully obvious. I know I am on the cusp of some major illness but I do not know what. Maybe god is smitting me with the swine flue because all of the off colour jokes I have made about it…. or maybe worse. Hepatitis! I am going to attempt to produce some voodoo dolls today to destroy people with, oh, I mean try to sell to jilted lovers on V-day for our grad fundraiser. If I accomplish said goal this evening I will return to show off….. if I don’t produce anything I will post them tomorrow and pretend this one didn’t happen, but I will feel the shame. Until then check out this video documenting my life that I stole from We love you so. My blog has turned into one giant raping of other blogs. WHO AM I?!?!?! I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!!!!

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