It is official. I have the black lung.

I am sick. I felt a storm a brewin’ in my immune system. For the last week I have been pumping myself full of vitamins b,c,d,e, as well as hippy tea with echinacea but the damn virus won and I am down for the count.  Today consisted of waking up, trying to shower, then giving up cause standing was making my upper lip sweat, drinking two herbal teas, 1 neo-citron, eating a bowl of ice cream and laying in bed streaming movies on my laptop. I have contributed nothing to the world. My life force is sucking useful energy from the everything and giving nothing back. I haven’t done any homework or drawn or created anything. I figured I would scan some of my prints I did while in N.Z. that Alexa saved for me because I had a broken wing and high tailed it out of that country with my tail between my legs. I think I will buy my ticket to the Icograda conference tonight and maybe join the GDC after posting this and do some serious financial damage to myself….. But a wise woman once said “All you really need is a song in your heart, food in your belly, and love in your family.” That wise woman was none other than Charlotte Diamond. I am sure if she knew about Icograda she would have included that in the song as well.*correction: Raffi sang that song*

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  1. Hayley

    god your amazing! I love the last one that you have on there and the dog looking side profile thing.

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