I have been far too busy feeling sorry for myself to blog.

I am slowly emerging from the dark and unholy sickness that can only be described as the black lung. I have been coughing up terrible things and breathing like an obese lady walking up the stairs all the time. When I laugh it sounds like I drank and bar full of whiskey and smoked 3 packs of cigarettes in one night. In short, I have been a hot mess minus the hot. My mind isn’t very clear either. I changed lanes in the tunnel today which is a big no because the sign says and I felt the shame of a bed wetter. I also haven’t really been drawing anything inspiring, just curse words and bricks and shovels. Woe is me. In other news: Tomorrow from 10-1 at the Kwantlen Campus in Richmond my fellow students and I will be selling some hot to trot pins with full proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross to aid with their efforts in Haiti. If you happen to be kicking around Garden City stop in, grab some pins. I will smile at you and promise you a place in heaven. There was a great deal of thought and effort put into these puppies and I am quite proud of our little class. This weekend team fun A.K.A GDMA 2010 will be helping the good folk at Graphex do the fun things they do and judge the shit out of Canadian designers. I think this will be inspiring and I will try to take some picks of the deal and share.

ALSO!!! My little J-luch is getting some of her photos published!!! So proud!

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