I had a swimming pool size coffee at 9pm.

Despite the fact I arose today at the ridiculous hour of 6am I doubt I will be sleeping for at least another……hmm 2 hours. Had a super busy fun filled day at volunteering for Graphex. It’s great to see how a larger design event like that unfolds and it’s also pretty cool to see you teachers functioning in this other dimension of designyness. I am impressed with them all it gives them more street cred. I would totally fight a rival design gang for them. In the fundraising for Haiti department we have pretty much sold out all of our buttons except for a few stragglers here and there in the custody of GDMA’ers waiting to find them some good homes. Thanks to all the amazing people who bought pins from us and with all the goods are sold we should have raised just under 500 bones for the cause with many peoples help. I think it has made every one in our class feel a little bit less useless in the situation and though this is one tiny bit of assistance I hope every one out there continues to contribute to the cause and hopefully we can come up with more creative ways to help.

Now in fundraising of a selfish nature: our class is in the home stretch of our personal fundraising for our grad show. We are doing one more masterful collaboration of our collective cooking abilities to create Valentines treats for you sassy lovers, sold again in the rotunda at the Kwantlen Campus in Richmond. There will be cards as well, both naughty and nice. For those of you that can’t trick someone to breed with you, have no fear! Feed your feelings and your adult onset diabetes with our sugary sweets and smite your jilted lovers with our handmade voodoo dolls filled with extra voo and doo for your smiting needs. Seriously, if there ever was a reason to come to Richmond, this would be it. I guess that speed skating thing might be attracting some attention in the next few weeks. Meeeh…

Just had a little flash back tonight with my friend Toby. We went for coffee in Langley where I once upon a time would drink one litter coolers in parking lots outside coffee houses and pour dish washing liquid into public fountains. Also stopped by the local 7-11 where we would congregate as punk kids and smoke cigarettes. Oh Aldergrove, how you still smell of sweet success! You have shaped me into the person I am today. I have learned so much from you and wouldn’t change a thing….. except for that one tattoo.

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