Gonna smash as much into this post as possible….

I found an old C.D. book today. On one of the many ridiculously named yet high quality mixes I found this song and recalled playing it on repeat for about 2 days. That’s right, I live life dangerously. I am extreme.

It was recently my dude b.f.f.s’ Birthday. I was deathly ill and unable to go ridding at Manning as planned. Though it was disappointing I pulled together my remaining strength and made him this killer toque that he has yet to collect because he is a gypsy. Thankfully he doesn’t read my blog. I know because he has previously reassured me of this so I will show you all in blog land. If he does see this then he is a dirty liar. The dapper Dan modeling this number is none other than my daddy.

It’s on like donkey kong tomorrow. V-day fast approaches. GDMA’ers are baking there hearts out tonight in preparation for our 2 day epic bake/card/craft extravaganza. I packed my voodoo army into shiny plastic in hopes of enriching or destroying lives on the big day. The end product comes with instructions, candles, matches and pins for men and women. Here is the finished little numbers. I hope you like, 10 bucks a pop. Zero calories.

I haven’t been drawing too much outside of school purposes. Maybe the Olympic break will inspire epic amounts of creativity. I am going to do my best to whip up a portfolio web site. This will no doubt inspire tears and temper tantrums. I will try to shine through. I think there will be many calls to competent web savy classmates. Advanced warning. Check your call displays to avoid a sobbing amazon. Here’s some randoms from my wee sketchbook.


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3 responses to “Gonna smash as much into this post as possible….

  1. I just got a fundraiser idea. We set up a hugging booth featuring your Dad. I will be first in line. But he has to be wearing that toque.

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