It’s no secret how I feel about the Olympic games but….

School is out for the slush games in Vancouver and though I haven’t been the biggest supporter of these events and the excess and opulence that goes into them, I really like free concerts…. A LOT! I also like the 2 week breather we are getting. I love mini breaks! I also feel creatively vacant and hopefully 2 weeks will be just enough time to get my mo-jo running again. I think I am going to rekindle something with my long lost love, painting. I have a little number that I have neglected for two years that I started in GBR (great bear rainforest) in my other life as a recluse bush woman. It looks tragic now but I think it will one day be insaino great! I am thinking I am gonna grab the bull by the horns and start that sucker tomorrow. I just may document this in a bloggish way. Stay tuned folks.

OH! Our little bake sale made a killing!!! 6 hunny on baked goods and what not. I am impressed! Thanks to all who consumed. We all felt the love and are very excited to start wrapping up the fundraising. We have one more high caliber event coming up. I promise friends I will stop flogging team GDMA soonish. Here’s a little teaser: Lamplighter, reggae, free i-pod, smashy drunk GDMA. This will be the night to end all nights. If you miss this, you will live in regret. I don’t wish that burden on any one so I really think you should come.

Well kids, it’s almost a new day and these good looks don’t come easy so I need my beauty sleep. I dedicate this song to you, Olympics. I suppose we can live in harmony for 2 weeks, but when it’s over I never want to see you again! Capeche!?


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2 responses to “It’s no secret how I feel about the Olympic games but….

  1. Dan

    Does said painting include miniature women with wings and tattoos? ve vant the picture Lebowski……

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