Old Sad Bastard Music.

Not only has High Fidelity aided in the stunting of my romantic growth at a young age but it has given my former N.Z. life partner a name for my musical genera of choice: old sad bastard music. I can’t deny it. I make my mom and dad mix c.d.’s and they love them because they are also old. I have to wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow because I am very important and in high demand. I am playing some sleepy time tunes to get the job done and I thought I would share.

I also have been playing with felt again and made this I-pod cover for my wee nano. It’s a bearded lady. I have seriously been wanting to make this sucker for months. For real. I know it’s sad.

Thought I would throw in some props for Eric Karjqluwhhkjfkjrhfhflwkerjfh (Karjaluoto). I was lucky enough to borrow a copy of his new and hard to get book, speak human, from an instructor before the break. I am most definitely not an entrepreneur of any sort. I think with my heart and not my head and pray for the best. I dislike reading about marketing and care very little about making money…. perhaps to little. I am just wadding into the book right now and have only read the chapters that I knew would help me with research but it is a charming book, and I am pleasantly surprised. It’s casually written but doesn’t lack intelligence. He uses good cases and examples to get his point across and he agrees with me that most marketing is gargon talking bullshit. I am looking forward to reading more. It’s not hurting me in the least and for entertaining me while educating me Eric Karj….. I thank you!


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4 responses to “Old Sad Bastard Music.

  1. Joann

    Your bearded lady is hot.

  2. I NEVER used the term, OLD sad bastard music. Sad Bastard Music yes, but no old. šŸ™‚

  3. Mandy

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a bearded lady as cool as yours Carly!!!

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