Olympic Bumper Cars and Great Bears.

After taking a jaunt to Richmond for an interview I decided to stop by the good ol’ Polytechnic to make an attempt at productivity. I was so productive I managed to rear end some lady on her way to an Olympic event. Awesome. I will blame you, Olympics for this little driving indiscretion, not my own aggressive driving nature.

The Olympic break is coming to an end, school will be starting up again and before I know it, I will be legit educated. Unless the magical graphic design fairy comes and grants 3 wishes I will most likely be perusing employment in the great Canadian wilderness after graduation. This will be my last gypsy summer I swear. No more toilet cleaning and food slinging for me, but I have had some pretty great back woods adventures, met some amazing people, and seen things that most humans go an entire life time with out seeing.

One of the most beautiful places in the world, and a place I have had the privilege of floating around, with the same 30 or so people for two summers, is Princess Royal Island. Comfortably situated int the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest (the largest intact, coastal temperate rainforest left in the world and about an hour away from the nearest village, Hartley Bay) I swam, bush whacked, climbed, hiked, canoed, kayaked, and fell in love with the GBR. I think I could safely say that every one who has ever been feels the same…. or they have no soul.

My fabulous former co-worker/ do-gooder / dapper-dan-with-a-plan, Micheal George Reid (MGR) also fell in love. Like many concerned coastal folks he was well aware of the turmoil (proposed oil tanker routs, dwindling wolf populations, logging and deforestation, as well as fish farming affecting the health and population of wild salmon) but wanted to see and experience first hand these changes on our coast line and how it affects the people who’s lives and well being does depend on the well being of this area.

This drove Mike to his Kayak along with his friend and fellow adventure guide Chris Rhodes. Starting at Alert Bay rounding it up in Kitimat, the trip spanned roughly 700 kilometers and took them 40 days to complete; stopping in various research stations, First Nations communities and some of the most magnificent sandy beaches they have ever sunk their toes into. They filmed this epic adventure and hope to have a film produced by mid April to share this experience and hopefully inspire others to get involved. This teaser is awesome! I am excited for the real deal. Check out these guys website. They are gonna do great things, I can feel it!

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    Carly! i want to GBR! me! me!

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