We’re jamming. I wanna jam it with you. We’re jamming, and I hope you like jamming too.

So we are all calling in the last favors we can to try to coerce you to come out and spend your hard earned money while shaking your booty and drinking your worries away. It’s our last fun-raiser and there has been whispers of the most epic drunken debauchery yet. I know I have heard rumors of  dance offs, drunken arm wrestling, excessive sharing of feelings and Amanda Chen said she is going to get crunk or die trying.  Don’t deny it Amanda. The only thing we will missing is the lovely Joann Lee. She will be on the most exciting mentor adventure. Joann, you will be missed. We will toast your honor. Anyways come on down folks. We miss you all so much. We need to see your charming faces one last time. Have I told you how great you look in those pants? Have you been working out? It shows.

Please don’t judge me. This is a reposting from the GDMA blog. I promise I will do better. I am a disappointment. I feel the burning shame.

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