Paper dolls and paper walls.

I have not been loving the blog as I should be, and for that I apologize. I think I am having drawers block. Yes drawer is a word referring to some one who draws, I just googeled it. I really got nothing for you. I am a waste land, void of talent…. I have had the misfortune of a flood in our basement this weekend which has allowed for ample distraction from my major project which will include a video with paper dolls. Here’s some shots of the fun shenanigans I have gotten myself into.

In case you haven’t noticed, my photo skills are a bit weak. I like pointers.

Here’s the parts of this little lady if you would like to fashion a paper doll for yourselves. For the joints I purchased these brads thingys from a craft store for a buck maybe 2. Feel free to alter her all you like, I will not be offended. Colour her in, make her an avatar or a drag queen. God likes people to be different and fancy and so do I! I think if you click on this long faced beauty a couple times and pull her on to your desk top she should be yours. She wont even put up a fight.

The last GDMA reggae fundraiser extraordinaire turned out quite entertaining. There was dancing, bottles of contraband wine being drank in dirty corners of the city, bartering with homeless people for paintings, big smiles, and tiny hangovers. Thanks to everyone for showing there glowing faces because drinking alone isn’t the same. The count down is on till the end my friends! I can almost taste the freedom!!!

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