My dance card has been pretty full these days with schooling and worrying about my future but I did a few interesting things this weekend that I will share with you. My male B.F.F. returned from some Japanese good times a week or two ago and was stricken by the Tokyo airborne virus, a disease he made up because he is confident he encountered this bug while he was in Tokyo. I went to the home of Rambo, the beautiful town of Hope, B.C. to visit him. We made tragic naan bread to accompany his mothers delicious curry and walked to the local bead store were the kind lady running the show helped me make these puppies.

Speaking of puppies our little champ Lupo just had his manhood taken away. I have never seen a dog so high the first night after his surgery, poor little guy. I think he is well aware of what has happened to him now and is not impressed. I can’t blame him. Even in a passive rage he is the cutest puppy ever!

Some of you may know I am temporarily living in the boondocks of Aldergrove until the end of this semester. I received an interesting call from my dear friend Schnelly  informing me that an acquaintance of ours was fighting in Abbotsford in an amateur boxing match and she was driving from Van for the event. Like the good red neck girls we are, we drove out there getting lost first because who the hell drives in Abbotsford then eventually arriving right on time. Oh what a treat. It was like I was transplanted in an episode of the Jersey Shore with sequined scull t-shirts and bump its all over the place. At first I was scared, not only for the person I knew who was fighting (all 140 pounds of him, never fought a day in his life) but you could smell the testosterone in the air. People were drinking in the parking lots, half of the dudes didn’t have necks…. it was surreal. Once I relaxed a bit and the event got going it was an entertaining night. I am glad I went but I have had my fill of fight night, possibly for the rest of my life.

Last night I stumbled upon a great documentary called Beautiful Losers, focusing on a group of misfit, skateboarding, rebellious youth turned legit artist that met in New York in the early 90’s. I feel like some one should have told me about this film before. I don’t understand why no one has spread the good word. I know of a few of these artist work previously and have seen one of the films made by one of the featured film makers, “Gummo”. If you thought the movie “Kids” was a romantic out look on the youth of today than Gummo is the movie for you. I saw it 6 years ago and I still have brain stain. Though Gummo wasn’t my favorite, this film was lovely and inspiring.

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