No such thing as an original thought.

Last summer I had an unfortunate incident with a an icy mountain and my collar bone and spent a month feeling sorry for myself and crafting. I think I watched and animation by some one that was featured on an art talk episode from VBS.TV with black crows. The artist had incorporated the crows into an instillation they did as well with black paper crows on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. I liked this idea and reinterpreted in my house with black butterflies on my walls gradually creeping onto my ceiling. I thought I was very smart…. and artsy….. but mostly I was just bored out of my skull.

well, being the supper exciting girl I am on this Saturday night, I have been cruising my bookmarks while making cupcakes and trying to get some work done. I dropped my jaw when I saw a post on Design Sponge.

This was originally posted on Style Me Pretty, an inspirational DIY wedding site with tons of cute ideas for you soon-to-be-getting-married ladies. I know there are at least 17 in my class. That might be a slight exaggeration. This is from the original post.

Some one had my idea, which was originally “borrowed” from some one else. What are the odds of two people making the same thing in this big crazy world? At first I was possessive of the idea and wanted to claim it as my own, but now seeing some one take the same idea, give it a purpose, and apply it to entire theme…I feel silly. They did a lovely job and made a romantic atmosphere. I merely placed paper shapes on my wall. I did not invent paper or butterflies. I am sure that there are hundreds of people with black paper butterflies adorning their walls and the more the merrier! Ideas are to be shared and it is to be expected that like minded people come to some similar conclusions. Even creative minds sometimes think alike.


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2 responses to “No such thing as an original thought.

  1. march 21? unacceptable.

  2. I need a little more Kathrine in my life. When are you popping up next?

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