I don’t mean that in an “Armageddon is coming, you best find Jesus” kind of way. I mean that in a “my brain is vacant of creative thoughts and book learning has damaged my soul” kind of way. That might be a bit of an exaggeration. One thing that has given me comfort during this dark downward spiral, hurling me towards the end of the semester has been Delusional Downtown Divas.

This show pokes fun at the New York art scene, following around a group of 3 young fame-chasing women with entitlement issues. This is the brain child of Lena Dunham and friends. Lena is a talented writer/director/actress combo and I can’t wait to see her new flick Tiny Furniture. It’s playing now in the SXSW festival. Austin, Texas is a long ways away unfortunately. I suppose I’ll wait.

Some news of a bit more personal nature… I would like to announce to all that know me in the real world: I will once again be living in complete isolation (except for Kermode bears, Killer whales, the super rich and serving staff) in the Great Bear Rainforest for the summer. I will miss you all.

I promise I will grow up in October. I’m leaving for the lodge land in the beginning of June and returning to the real world mid September. I will do my best to BLOG-IT-UP in the pristine wilderness but it may be less frequent. Until then chew on some more randomness that is the unfocused doodles by moi.

Amanda……Toby……one of these was made specifically with you in mind.


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2 responses to “THE END IS NEAR!

  1. katherine

    that movie looks amusing!

  2. amanda

    Thank you Carly!! It’s perfect! (sorry i was a jerk and didn’t see it until a month later)

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