Another strange weekend. The world is a magical place!

The planets have aligned this week to give me the weirdest luck ever. I was driving to the last day of my mentorship with my fabulous cousin on Friday when my car started over heating during my commute to North Van. I pulled over on the freeway and let the little Echo cool down a bit and slowly with the hazards on drove to the gas station to call for reinforcements. I borrowed the phone book from inside called Toyota town and a tow truck and was contemplating the most expensive cab ride home ever when Dave the nicest man in Langley walked on over and took a look at my hurting unit of a car. Dave has a love of eagles, runs a tombstone / signage business in Radium and is working in the lower mainland as a machinist.  The diagnosis was the snapped rubber band thing (serpentine belt?) and he not only drove me to Lordco at 7:30 am to get me one, he returned me to my car and put the thing on for me! He made sure every thing running safely and sent me on my way. While entering the strangers car I could hear my mothers voice in the back of my head “Don’t get in the car! He’ll rape and kill you!” but in my other ear I heard my back account saying “You’re broke, bitch! Get in the car!” My bank account was right. I would be far too much work to rape and kill at 7:30 am. He was just a kind soul doing someone a favor in a tricky situation. I’m grateful for Dave and I’ll be delivering beer this evening!

When I arrived at my mentorship, late but in one piece it was business as usual. I felt embarassed for being late on my last day but I called and the situation was not held against me. On Fridays people pack it in a bit early and before one of the owners left he gave me a firm handshake, a thank you and a proper good bye and left me with a kind letter and some monetary compensation. I was blown away. Every one there had been so nice about having me, and so helpful. This was very unexpected.  I took my cousin out for dessert and an Irish coffee to celebrate. We chatted for a bit, hugged goodbye and we were both on our way.

I popped by a friends for a bit and waited for the horrible traffic to dissipate and make my way home. From the Port Man Bridge till about Surrey a red car was following me diligently. I would change lanes to let it pass me, but no dice, it would switch too. I eventually stopped paying attention and just kept trucking at my usual “too fast” pace. Right around Langley the effing red car turned on its’ hidden flashy lights and pulled me over. I have only been pulled over a few times in my life, one of them being 2 weeks earlier and I was given a written warning by a nice lady who took pity on me. I figured my time had come to face the consequences of my shitty driving. The cop came to my window, addressing me by first name before I even offered my name and asked me why I thought I was being pulled over. I said I didn’t know, apologized for not pulling over sooner explaining my panic and that I had just peed myself a bit. He said I was speeding between 10 and 20 km/h over the speed limit. He said he had been following me for a while and that I was signaling properly and driving safe but to watch my speed…… and that was it. NO TICKET.

I don’t know why Friday was the weirdest break even day, but it was and everything worked out because it always does. Sometimes I forget this. I’m going to try to be better at keeping my wits about me, being optimistic, and keeping a smile on my face at all times. If this guy can do it, I should be able to as well.

****(Let it be known that this person, who shall remain nameless, does not have “the Hep” of any letter variety and is at work, but cleans up really nice.)****

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  1. Alycia

    This story makes me smile. I love hearing about days like these.

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