Are you fricken kidding me!?

It is people like Jim Tierney who inspire me to become a better designer / make me want to jump off a bridge. This guy is amazing and is my new design crush. The Jules Verne covers he did are so obviously brilliant that it’s makes me re-evaluate whether I can make it in that big ol’ design world. I must remember there is a place for all of our work out there. I just might have to search for it a bit to find it. Damn you Mr. Tierney. You make me feel like a fraud. I don’t know whether I want to slap you across the face or build a mini shrine in your honor. Well done. I hope to see your covers adorning some of my favs in the future.

ALSO: Great post on his blog about his process in redesigning covers! Really interesting and helpful! It answered my questions before I could ask them.


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