Crunch Time!

Ohhhhhh school. I can’t wait to miss you from afar. It’s been a good 4 years and I appreciate you but I no longer love you. I hope every one is tying up the loose ends and getting ready for the big break up. It’s crunch time people!

Also! Tomorrow! Pecha Kucha! Volume 10! All the cool kids are gonna be there. Sold out event but if you have 20 bucks to burn there are tickets at the door.


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2 responses to “Crunch Time!

  1. alexalupul

    Wow. It has been so long since I’ve heard “So on this one episode of The Mighty Boosh…” For a second there I forgot what that freaking show was called. Times have changed man.

  2. I watched killeroo the other day for the first time in forever. It still makes me a happy girl. I was perhaps a little too into it for a while… and you had to hear about it the most. sorry about that!

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