Vancouver, why are you always forgoten?

It makes me sad that every one else around the world has had the opportunity to see Banksy’s new film Exit through the gift shop except us Vancouverites. My Mother, the library tech from Aldergrove, even loves Banksy. She mentioned it about two months ago: “You know what I came across today that I thought you would enjoy? This Stabby fellow or Stanky, I can’t quite remember his name but he does street art in England. It’s quite entertaining, very political.” That’s how Joanne talks because she’s a lady and a mom.

It’s a shame, but he is a free loving guy. He will probably release the film to view for free after it’s finished playing in theaters. Take a look at this little sneak peek he has up on his website. It’s a good 5 minutes, grab a tasty beverage.

To commemorate this epic film that I will not be able to see until after the summer when I return from the woods, I thought I would share the Banksy inspired self portrait that I did for drawing class which had way to much homework and way to much naked. Male nudes. Not my favorite. I never finish the “junk” unless forced to. All the male figure drawings I did look like eunuchs or ken dolls. ANYWAYS…. here is the photo I drew from, and the drawing I did.

Bilbo. He kicked the bucket this Fall. I still miss him. He was an awesome beast!

I could have cropped out the messy floor but then I would be living a lie.

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