Carson Mell

I came across this video on tiny vices blog. They also have an amazing amount of good links to different sites of many artistic persuasions. After I watched Chonto I looked up more of Carson’s films. It might a bit much for some people’s taste, so viewer beware. Take a look at his site, he has some crazy prints from his films and a graphic novel that I am debating on purchasing before I live on a barge. If you are curious about the man who makes these insane and interesting films read this interview. Apparently he is a normal functioning human with a penchant for the south west and rock and roll ephemeral. Whodda thought. He is a talented dude. This is certain. Have a seat, this video is about 14 minutes.

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One response to “Carson Mell

  1. katherine

    i wish you could narrate my life
    -from a functioning human with classy problems

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