My new born freedom!

Friday for the first time in quite some time I was lucky enough to see a whole bunch of people that are kind of a big deal to me, go out, laugh, drink and not fear the consequences or watch a clock or worry about deadlines and it was a tiny piece of paradise. There are still a few dead lines a head of me, some are funner than others but on the bitter and the sweet end of things I am back to lodge land on the 26th of May. It’s down in the calendar now and it is final and I am at peace with that. Since my return to the Valley 4 years ago I have had a hankering for some down town summer time. It’s not in the cards for this year but I have an entire life to make it happen…… and lodge land is still a little piece of heaven. It is most definitely¬† classy problems, like grandma used to say.

Unfortunately I already purchased tickets to Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros on the 31st of May. Can you even fathom how ridiculously you would be able to dance at that concert! It would be amazing!!! You could sea monkey your way through the crowd and no one would even take a second look. If any one is interested in 2 tickets, let a sister know. You can take them off my hands for a more than reasonable price. Here’s a little something to get your mojo running.

Though I will be missing that epic event of a concert my dear friend Heed (and future creative revolutionary) scored some tickets to Band of Skulls that we were lucky enough to be front row center for. Those Brits got some great pipes and some very tight pants. Schnelly got some face time with the tiny rock gods bulge. I swear his bulge and her could have carried out a conversation we were so close. It was a really great show! I broke my ring clapping giant rock claps!

This clip you can hear me and heed hooting and see my stripped shirt and my sweed fro. Dude behind my was taping I guess and I was totally oblivious.

Tomorrow is the start of design week fun times!!! It’s gonna be awesome. I am really excited to see Frank Chimero. It seems like all good things come from Portland or at least settle in Portland there is something in the air down there, and I am not just talking about the un-bathed hippies, it’s something else.

I have recently become obsessed with the SXSW festival in Austin (decided that I will be going come hell or high water next year) and have been watching some of the highlights from this years events. I stumbled across this speaker, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Editor of Feminsting. She is discussing Asians and the net. She brings up some interesting topics that we deal with in North America and the different ways and twist that Asian culture has put on the web, as well as the objectification of women and the different online sharing and communities that have grown. Here’s the teaser but I am interested to hear more. For the record I am not a feminist. I’m just curious.

Good times await me and I am excited! It’s gonna be a week of learning by choice, not by force, seeing people because I want to, not because I have to, and hopefully a lot of laughs! God bless you design week. I never knew I needed you!

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