So a new chapter begins!

So school is over. After drinking oceans of coffee, weeks of sleepless nights, thousands of cracked knuckles, some division among the ranks, a few yelling matches, some shed tears, countless lessons learned, endless laughter, amazing friendships, an unsavory amount of time commuting and god knows how many illnesses contracted from public transit, it is over.  I am so grateful to have had such a quality education from so many amazingly passionate instructors. I have met so many people who have helped learn and grow and made so many good friends who have kept me some what emotionally stable during some really stressful times. To every one who has encouraged me not to jump ship and stick it out. So glad I did. Thank you so much every one for your support! GDMA 2010, You are all destined for good things, I feel it in my bones!


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2 responses to “So a new chapter begins!

  1. alexalupul

    *sniff*…don’t leave me for 4 months.

    • I will be out on parol mid summer. Hopefully you will still remember me by then… Big sniff indeed! P.S. you should save all your money this summer and come to central america with me.

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