I’m coming back, it just might be a while.

Those who know me in real life are aware of my decision to put off real life for a while and retreat to the woods. Tomorrow I will be boarding a small air craft, staying in a shady hotel in Prince Rupert for two days to pack boxes on to a barge that has been outfitted into a 5 star hotel and towing it to a remote location where I will live in the wilderness with limited internet access for 4 months. I will do my best to post my drawings, findings, comings, and goings for the next while but it will be sans scanner and sans free internet. Though my graphic design pursuits will be on hold for a wee bit I will still be pumping out creativity and documenting. How is yet to be determined but I will not let you down my friends! I will hopefully soon have a regular schedule and I will pick a day to post you wont be returning to repeat disappointment. Dear people, please keep me posted on your fun lives and how your summer adventures develop. I will be eagerly awaiting your words and trying to send some your way as well.

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