It’s always sunny in the Great Bear Rainforest.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks out here in the wilderness. After only a few days of relaxation after grad show I had to jump right into work mode. This is my Friday as well as day 12 of my work “week” with about 130 hours under my belt of set up, cleaning and some food slinging. Due to irregular internet availability and sheer laziness I have been watching a lot of It’s always sunny in Philadelphia on my computer before bed. I like the kitten mittens episode from season 5 the most. Thanks Chris.

It is actually sunny in the GBR today but I can’t be bothered to to move. Today will be filled with sunny naps and maybe some wine a little later. There is a calm breeze in the air and nothing on my itinerary. Right now I love this place.

Though things are calm and tranquil on our beautiful North coast my heart is breaking for the areas affected by the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. More than 3,000 acres of delicate marsh land in Louisiana has been affected, where 90 percent of the wildlife in the Gulf live. This nesting ground for pelicans and breeding ground for fish and crabs is being decimated, not to mention an entire fishing industry is being affected and peoples well being is at stake while 32% of the U.S. federal waters are closed for fishing.

I would like to send out a big F*ck you to B.P. for their lack of fore thought and preparation for a spill of this magnitude.

As a lover of all living things, though I do enjoy dressing up a cat or two here and there, I encourage you all to really think about how much financial gain would it take for you not to care about our coast line. Is there such thing as a safe pipe line and is it worth the risk?

The proposed Northern pipeline that would run from Northern Alberta to Kitamat B.C. would increase Tanker traffic on our coast line to 525,000 barrels of oil a day more than 1,100km through Douglas Channel, vital spawning area for salmon, halibut and other fish species as well as migratory routes for whales and dolphins. I have been blessed to visit and spend time on this beautiful and delicate coast and for me, there isn’t enough money in the world to take that risk.

I encourage every one to make their own decision about the pipe line but for me there is no decision to make. We need our coast, as British Columbian’s it is part of who we are. We aren’t just pot smoking hippies, we care about the environment and love our coast. Let’s protect it….. But you can make your own decision. No pressure.

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