You made me…Promises, promises.

OOOOHHHH the neglect. I had grand intentions of posting on this blog of mine in a some what regular fashion but the reality is I am a big let down. I know I am full of excuses so I will spare you them. I am like a shitty weekend dad. Right now I am on the mainland for a small fraction of time to do some family visiting. I am surprising my Gramps tomorrow by catching a ride with my dads’ trucker friend to Grand Forks for a visit. I am returning to the lodge early Monday morning and not getting back from GF until early Sunday so real life friends please don’t be offended if I haven’t called, It’s a whirlwind trip dedicated to g-pa then back to my ocean… our ocean, we can all share it.

So while I have been floating in the middle of the ocean I have been thinking a lot about my future. Today in the mail I received the most expensive paper I have ever bought, my bachelors. I was cool to man handle for a bit, look at the little emblem, and contemplate the four years that went into that piece of paper. In the end, it’s only paper: my name is on it, I own it I suppose but hoped by now I would have some elaborate plan of what steps I would take next. After a month of isolated barge thinking I am now comfortable with the idea that my future and I will find each other. I am certain that people who pretend they have their life together are simply faking it, and that they too struggle with direction and where to focus it. This helps me sleep at night and if you tell me other wise I may pretend I believe you… but I will really just assume you are living in denial.

In honor of one of my favorite novel/movies of all time I decided to do a top 5 list of my dream jobs. I love list. They make me feel organized, even when scratched onto cocktail napkins and receipts and paper clipped into my sketch book. Here she goes:

Dream job 1: Arkitip

An amazing magazine with issue specific art and design pieces that produces cool publications, products, curates shows and exhibits and inspires me. I would work for them for toe nail clippings as long as they were nice to me.

Dream job 2: HunterGatherer

This firm does design, film, illustration, and produces product, and they use old school techniques and combine new technologies. This video was pruduced by Arkitip to promote the laptop case they designed but you should check out their reel and their print ads as well, so fun. I love wood.

Dream Job 3: Tangible Worldwide

They are creative and intelligent multi-disciplinarians and know the importance of a branding and I really liked this excerpt from their site: “Consumers have the power to make a choice, and they connect best with authenticity. Therefore, we believe the biggest value an agency can offer is authentic passion for a brand. That is why we represent brands that represent our team as consumers.” I like concept. It seems less forced than taking jobs from the highest bidder regardless of inspiration. Also, they have a studio in Portland one of my favorite places. I need to find an American to shack up with.

Dream Job 4: Islands Fold

Okay, so I couldn’t really work here but I would love to live their life. Islands fold is run by Angela Conley and Luke Ramsey. It’s a small publishing house as well as a place to promote creative collaborations and supplies artist with residencies by donation. Some great illustrators have taken part, such as Matt Furie and Mike Perry. It’s such a brilliant idea in an amazing location (Pender Island) and a great way to stay inspired and collaborate with tallented people.

Dream Job 5: Crafting!

This is not a realistic goal, like when I was 12, I wanted to be Emily Carr when I grew up, live in the woods and become one with nature. It turns out Emily Carr was kinda nuts. Living it the woods by yourself will make you go crazy, and if my well being depended on my ambition to craft I would probably wake up at 10am every day and though making voodoo dolls and anatomical hearts out of felt is really fun I don’t think it will get me a mortgage, panda toques wont put gas in the echo, and beaded earrings will not pay the heartless bastards at Rogers. One can dream though.

Well that’s my top 5. I hope you enjoyed. I am also considering a new banner and will take suggestions as to what I should draw. I hope this long-ass post may calm some of the troubled waters between us. I haven’t forgotten about you all. Also! ***new supper cute blog alert*** The charming and handsome Peter Chu and the Ravishing and witty Joann Lee have joined the GDMA blogesphere and are more intelligent and classier than me. I know you will adore them as I do.


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4 responses to “You made me…Promises, promises.

  1. Dear Carly,

    You are the classiest lady I know.

  2. gordo

    I really enjoy reading your blog!

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