You know what’s great? Canada!

Happy Birthday Canada. You have been so lovely to me. I may have small affairs with other countries but you are the love of my life. In honor of this splendid day I thought I would share some cool-ass images from one of my favorite Canadians, Douglas Coupland. He is truly a patriotic man. He has composed two books dedicated to unique artifacts this country has produced through out his life. Some of these images sparks memories of my youth and some are items we all use taking for granted that they are unique to Canada. On top of Souvenir of Canada 1 and 2 he also has written a book about one of our national heroes, Terry Fox, made a Souvenir of Canada film, and an internationally traveling exhibit called Canada House. Way to spread the word Doug! I agree with you, Canada is the tops!

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  1. Robyn Bee

    Also a big fan of him, carlee! Canada is great. We had a big ol party to celebrate it here!! but you know what else is also amazing is Nicaragua!! How are you plans going to come down here!?!? Hope u are doing well. Love ya n miss you!

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