Banjos and felt tip pens.

If you guessed that these are two things that make me giddy, you are correct. This is some of the mumbo jumbo I have drawn this summer. Don’t read into it too deep. I have mental turrets but function in the real world quite well. I also heard this cover of gin and juice by the Gords today for the first time in a zillion years…. a zillion actually being about 6. Please revel in it’s ironic magnificence.


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5 responses to “Banjos and felt tip pens.

  1. gordo

    its kinda hard being snoop d, o, double g!

  2. Amanda

    If my family knew they wouldn’t love me either.

  3. alexalupul

    I am suprised you didn’t write “ocean you are my BITCH lover”

    Good to know you have not lost any of your skills locked away up north.

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