Boring people get bored.

I am of the school of thought that boring people get bored. All the really productive and fun people I know do not complain about being bored they simply get an itch for some excitement and just do things, problem solved, end of story. I try not to complain about it myself, and though I am not the most social person these days, nor am I the most ambitious, I do tend to keep myself fairly busy with creating things, reading and exorcising routinely and tinkering on my computer. After 4 months of living on a barge with the same 30 some odd people doing the same things and listening to the same music and watching the same episodes of the same shows I have reached maximum capacity boredom. I wish I was younger and maybe I could cover the boredom with booze but the pain the following day is not worth the risk. I no longer smoke, though sometimes I reminisce about how awesome smoking was until the simple reasoning of how gross smoking is settles in. There is fishing to be had here but the truth of the matter is that at this point in the season fishing is just being bored in a boat with other bored people. I still love a good paddle on a sunny day but even one of my favorites is getting old. Yesterday I painted my nails the most heinous green in the free world out of boredom. I can’t listen to any of my play list any more on my I-pod with out developing a metallic taste in my mouth that gives me anxiety. All my Wes Anderson movies that I once upon a time watch adoringly now inspire contempt.

Though all these things seem really awful right now this new extreme level of boredom has led me to listen to my entire I-tunes library in Alphabetical order. Today I am mid “M” and I am revisiting the amazing Album By Modest Mouse, the Lonesome Crowded West. One of my favorite albums of all time, hands down. It reminds me of my grad year, teen angst and bad life choices in the most refreshing and liberating way. This song in particular I must have played on repeat over 100 times in one listening. So AMAZING still to this day!

Even though I often feel I am in rainforest purgatory there have been some fun times as of late. Lodge life brings many theme parties which is odd because I never attend any in the real world. Maybe people just don’t get bored enough in civilization. The staff slowly departs in small groups through out the end of the season and our last theme was a good bye semi formal. I was trying to opt for a dress as your favorite animal party from the funtastic kiwi film, Eagle vs Shark but I was out numbered.

Because of this new cosmic level of super boredom I decided to combine the two themes for my own time occupying purposes and made a “semi-formal” dress taking inspiration from a fish out of garbage bags, coffee filters, newsprint and food colouring. It took up four days worth of evenings and made for a one really fun night. Even though posting a picture of myself on my blog makes me feel like a narcissist, I hope you wont judge me too harshly. I’m bored.

Despite the fact that sometimes I am so bored I want to jump off the roof into the ocean the fact of the matter is I don’t. It’s far too cold for that now. This unholy amount of boredom has got me working on completing my unimpressive splash page of a web site which is a positive. I also have been scrambling to piece together a big kid resume with out remnants of my previous traveling lodge/ski bum/carnie lifestyle. Another adult and responsible thing to do. I am 10 days away from the civilization, 5 days away from no guest and 11 days away from family and friends. It’s been a long haul but it’s almost over and with out this stifling amount of boredom burrowing itself into my lungs I probably wouldn’t have had the patience to complete this post.


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9 responses to “Boring people get bored.

  1. Alycia

    When you get back, I can take sometime off work and we can rent paddle boards and paddle up the inner habour stopping at cute pubs/cafes for breaks. It’s amazing how beautiful the city looks from the ocean….If your in for a bigger adventure I am now a proud owner of an annual pass at Olympic National Park. Just a short ferry ride from Victoria, but you would have to get to Victoria. I love the dress ( when your bored you make lovely things..when i am bored I watch tv…)

    • DUDETTE! I am coming to Vic on the 9th ish! but I have limited days to do productive things, slowly trying to pull things together and find a place to settle but I will ring you when I escape. I too watch tv when I am bored.

  2. alexalupul

    You’re a babe! I am so excited to see your tatt all coloured and what not,the little bit I can see in that pic looks amazing!!!

  3. darling carly you look stunning in this photo! come be less bored down in good old south korea 🙂 i wont ask you again so just get your butt down here!!!
    miss you!! xxxxx

  4. Ceryne

    Dear Carly, I would like to do what Alycia mentioned, except that I just heard a story on my favourite radio station about a too-curious orca, and these thoughts would consume me…Yesterday I was mushroom hunting and found some really nice ones…and I watched tv.

  5. tabby

    gosh …you sure is purdy.

  6. Dan Caldwell

    Carly I Heart you. You bring joy to this heart in so many ways you can not imagine….. thanks. keep on keeping on.

  7. Lauralu

    this was the best goodbye party i could have asked for. you’re really amazing, in a non-cheesy, i actually admire the shit out of you kind of way.

  8. Karen

    YOU LOOK HOT CAR!!! Post away :). I like your words on boredom. Keep up the dialogue ma ma like.

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