Homeless and Jobless but not hopeless.

Dear Friends,

I have recently emerged from the great wet north coast into the real world. Though my head is still spinning and I have not yet planted any roots in the soil anywhere I will be staying with my “roommates” Cal and Joanne a.k.a. Mom and Dad for the next couple weeks and developing a game plan a.k.a. an escape route to take me out of the Fraser Valley and on some adventures. I will keep you all posted on my comings and goings and let you all know where I decide to hang my hat and reform my gypsy ways. This is for real kids! No more seasonal work for me. I’m a big kid now.

This past week of civilized living I have been slowly readjusting to the world with cars, visiting some of my very favorite people, and losing my keys and my cell phone every place I go. I came across this great video that maybe some of you have seen already but I was fond of it and it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of a late night cramming session with the GDMA kids many moons ago where there was some sharing of our work spaces. I was probably calmly perfecting one of my exceptional presentations at 3am and too busy to take a shot of my space but I have time now to share my organized chaos.

From this magnificent heap of creativity I hope to actually produce my portfolio web site in the next couple weeks so keep creeping on me here to see what type of trouble I will be getting myself into.



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2 responses to “Homeless and Jobless but not hopeless.

  1. My desk is dusty and crowded.

    Can’t wait to see your website!

  2. Alycia

    That was a great video clip thanks for sharing. It made me think of my desk and how messy it is. Now and then I get frustrated with the mess and clean, organize and file everything but then I am lost for what to do and before I know every paper I filed is back out and I am regretting taking out the recycling.

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