I am an optomist.

Okay I lied. I am a realist. I often think through situations, planing out for the worst case scenario in order to prepare for impact. Not because I am negative, just so I am ready for action. I keep it real. I am presently driving across our beautiful province looking for cool jobs and a warm place to stay and it has been amazing. Unfortunately every time I smell burning I think I am out of oil and my engine is moments away from seizing completely and I will be out of cell phone range and forced to hitch hike to civilization or even worse, walk. This video satisfies my inner realist and keeps me waiting for the inevitable doom. It also satisfies my love of paper craft. The journey continues. Wish me luck people.



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2 responses to “I am an optomist.

  1. alexalupul

    I want to wear the bacteria on the sandwich’s outfits and dance like them!

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