The dust has settled and I have moved North!

After 2 months of scouting out locations, visiting friends, traveling through, stopping by and staying a while in many locations in our beautiful  province (and Alberta) I have a place to call home. It’s Smithers. This amazing town has stunning mountains, crystal clear lakes, and friendly people that smile at you when you walk down the street and jump start your car when you leave your interior lights on for 2 days with out noticing because your tiny car is covered in snow.

This change of location wasn’t the most thought out plan I have ever executed but I some how managed to find a job quickly. It’s not design related BUT it isn’t prostitution or drug dealing so I consider it a winning situation. I also some how managed to get Christmas off so I have high tailed it back to the Valley to hang out with the Family. All things considered life is grand and I am looking forward to a low maintenance Caplette Christmas and to start the year with a bang!

Speaking of New Years, Tis the season to regret your life choices. I still love this resolution generator by Monina Verlarde. It’s a really great idea and a fun way of motivating some positive changes.

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