A Caplette Christmas

Food, Booze, Puppies and Pie! Oh and Joy. Lots of joy!

This year I made a giant tub of never ending happiness known as home made Kahlua. The recipe makes about 4L of the most delicious brown sugary liquid. You have to let it sit for a month while the magic happens but its worth the wait! The recipe is here with more detailed instructions but here is the basic rundown:

sugar mixture

  • 7 cups water
  • 7 cups sugar
  • bring water to boil
  • add sugar, boil for 30-50 minutes, (should become very thick), set aside

coffee mixture

  • 12oz canned ground coffee (we use Yuban)
  • 6 cups water
  • bring water to boil
  • add coffee, reduce heat and cover for 5-10 miuntes
  • monitor regularly– if mixture gets too thick add one cup water– you do not want to burn the coffee
  • once coffee is ready, filter out coffee using a pair of stockings
  • repeat filtering 2-3 times until mixture is free of coffee grounds


  • 750ml brandy
  • 750ml good vodka
  • 2oz pure vanilla extract
  • empty bottles that are sealable
  • prepare sugar mixture
  • prepare coffee mixture
  • mix sugar and coffee mixture
  • add brandy, vodka, and vanilla, mix thoroughly
  • bottle, store in a cool dry place undisturbed
  • wait at least three weeks, bring some friends over, mix your favorite drinks or enjoy straight!

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