Some nice things.

I like Jeremyville. I follow him on facebook because I am cool like that and I still fear “the twitter”. His illustrations are really fun and simple and he recently came up with a series of community service announcements, producing new words of inspiration daily with an illustration. You can now purchase the little numbers, signed and sealed by the man himself at his site and his blog.


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6 responses to “Some nice things.

  1. Chelsea

    your great. thanks for brining some of the coolest things to my attention. I heart your blog and your thoughts

    • Thanks for reading my wee blog! Word on the street is that you have got an amazing job and you are doing really well! I am so excited for you and jealous! Play safe over there! That country breaks collar bones!

  2. Karen

    These are sweet Car! They are simple yet profound…It was cold today… Robyn wore my left boot to carry some of my painful and numb burden. What a great friend. I will talk to you on New Years :).

    Sleep well.



    • Robyn is a champion amoung mere mortals. I knew those boots were going to be nothing but trouble. We have been through a few rounds with those bastards. Thankfully my feet are much larger then yours so voulentering to switch with you was out of th question.

  3. katherine

    wow i love theseee!!!!
    can i draw for money and good vibes too?

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