If this blog was a child it would have been taken away by social services.

I have heard the cries for updates and new shinny videos and pictures but instead I ignored you all. For this I am sorry. I have become yet again a cog in the machine that is the adventure tourism industry and forgotten what it’s like to have a soul. I am of course being over dramatic. Though I am living life and living well I have not been at my creative best. I have had some amazing times and I am meeting some great people but I am not being very “designy” these days. I have been doing some crafty things that I will share with you all later today I am in a food coma recovering from a sweet night in P.G. with some great ladies. Until next time here are some
awesome things that my friends make!

Chris &Tim: 2 very handsome gentlemen who love making movies, snowboarding, long walks on the beach, and holding hands.Not together.

Sean: another lover of snow and maker of sweet movies in G-town.

Kaili: lover of fish, and maker of fashion, stunning salsa dancer, amazing family, a true northern girl!

Though I am not posting anything productive I would like you all to know I completed my taxes today, bought $200 worth of underwear with 2 years worth of La Senza gift cards from my mother and purchased these awesome shoes over the internet.

You are proud. I can tell. I can feel it!


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2 responses to “If this blog was a child it would have been taken away by social services.

  1. Love RED shoes! Also Love your blog you are one entertaining chick!
    (i just bought these babies…http://www.toms.com/womens/classics/red-canvas-classics-shoes)
    Keep up the creative flow 🙂

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