Welcome to Pine Point.

This interactive site is truly moving, humbling and beautiful. I stumbled upon this link on poppytalk and lost myself on this site for half an hour. What a cool experience. Take the time and take a good look. If you liked the whole Arcade fire wilderness downtown experience you will fall in love with this.

What are you waiting for? Do it! Quick side note: This site operates on Flash, that’s right, flash isn’t dead yet! You may need to update your player for this to work but its worth it!


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2 responses to “Welcome to Pine Point.

  1. katherine

    ah! carly! you updated your blogsy!

    i should get your email as i deleted facebook!!!
    hope all is well!!

    katherine leslie

    • KATHRINE! Where are you now?!?!?
      you can get me at hello@carlycaplette.com this is less embarrassing then the hotmail e-mail that I have had since high school. I almost quite facebook this week, I had a dream about it, then I realized I really like knowing what my homies are doing far away, I think I will just trim the fat.

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