Be afraid!

Be very afraid. At the tender age of 30 I have purchased my first musical instrument: the ukulele. So far it has been the funnest thing I have done all month! I will do my best to punish you all with my musical stylings. This is what my baby looks like. Super pretty right?! Big girl, tiny guitar. I love the irony.


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3 responses to “Be afraid!

  1. My 2011 resolution was to learn the guitar. And to be able to play a song by May. I have not yet purchased a guitar. So it is not looking good.

    • Guitar is so difficult and large yet the ukulele is small, relaxed and non comital. Start with a ukulele! I got apps for my stupid I-phone and every thing. You feel like a success even though toddlers can play it!

  2. I might just look into it. We can have a ukulele duet!!

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