I owe you all explanations, that’s not going to happen today. Today I am packing again for the millionth time this summer, that’s right. A millionth. How dare you question me of course it’s that many times. The truth is I am settled in Prince George for a spell, and when I say spell I mean potentially the next 2-5 years. One day I will tell you all in person how this magical situation came into being but for now I’m pulling out my hobo back pack, bringing my ukulele and heading out into the ocean looking for trouble. In case any one is wondering yes I realize I am 30 and no I am not pregnant nor do I have a boyfriend, or do I want you to introduce me to this guy you know who has most of his teeth and likes UFC and monster trucks. I have a plan here and the plan may change every day but its a good one. I hope you are all sun kissed, happy, and optimistic of what the fall will bring. I am proud of all you house buying, marriage vowing, baby making adults! There has been a lot of you this summer. Please be patient with me. I am the slow kid in class but I am content in my ignorance of what ever euphoric feelings you are experiencing right now. I am really quite content!

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  1. totally top 10 posts on a blog…EVER! love it.

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