I’m going to “like” things in real life.

I quit facebook in preparation for having a busy and productive life. The good news is that this will hopefully force me into blogging more. The bad news is this could potentially leave a void in my life that leads to drugs, alcohol and violence. Maybe even stalking people in real life as opposed to the less invasive internet stalking. I might actually have to hide in peoples shrubs to see what their new girlfriend looks like and if shes prettier than me. I am not sure if this will stick but if you are looking for me in the mean time I can be reached here on my little chunk of internet or at hello@carlycaplette.com . I’m not putting up my phone number, if you need it you need to go through a rigorous screening process. There are creepy stalkers out there. I’m very stalkable you know.

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One response to “I’m going to “like” things in real life.

  1. Robyn

    i would like to be one of your stalkers!

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