What’s in your backpack?

Tis’ the season to consume ridiculous amounts of stuff. I am in the Fraser Valley once again for the holidays eating too much, drinking too much, laughing too much then shame spiraling for a day after and wallowing in the guilt that comes with overdoing it. With the “baby” in our family turning 30 and no Caplette children being able to trick people to breeding with us, we don’t find it necessary to do the present thing on Christmas. I salute you all, mall warioring, gift giving, traffic driving maintainers of the economy. I am not with out my love of a good purchase and I do get an endorphin kick when I buy something sparkly though I try to fight it. I also move more than I clean my car there for I have a knack for pairing down all my belongings into a Toyota Echo. For this reason I identified with the totally awesome movie “Up in the Air.” I also love a movie with an unromantic ending. I recently watched a TED talk with Graham Hill called less stuff, more happiness and it really reminded me of Ryan Bingham’s inspirational lecture “Whats in your backpack” without the narcissism and relaxed ethics. I thought it was a good reminder that a life with less can be more freeing and all that glitters is not gold this holiday season. I am such a dick. Merry Christmas!


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