The youth of middle age.

It’s no longer deniable. I am in my 30’s. I found my first grey hair last week. It was bound to happen and yes, as you can tell from my poorly executed photo montage I now have glasses. I haven’t been ID’ed since the Summer, people call me lady and finally in September after over 15 years of peircings took out my lip ring. I used to look up concerts on the internet, now I look up recipes for gluten free protein bars. I was working in a Starbucks today (27 year old Carly would have rather been shot than admit that) and found that the music was to loud and distracting. Too much dairy upsets my stomach and a glass of wine now makes me tipsy. I get really excited when I make a good soup and when people compliment an article of clothing I am wearing, instead of saying thank you, I tell them how cheap it was and where I got it. I am pretty sure 27 year old Carly wouldn’t have 31 year old Carly on her list of fun weekend friends. The great thing about 31 year old Carly, that the 27 year old Carly didn’t have going for her is that she finally knows what she wants, she listens to her instincts more, and is kinder to others and herself. I’m feeling pretty good about this decade. I have more than I need and I am determined to take this aging thing well. I got me some good wrinkle cream and if another one of those little buggers pops up I will do my best to celebrate it an pretend its filled with wisdom… bad life choices and wisdom.



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3 responses to “The youth of middle age.

  1. Robyn Bee

    carly has always been on my list of fun weekend friends, no matter what age. happy to hear of your strong self-confidence this decade, it sounds like a great time for you! and how the hell have you just found one grey hair? I seriously have had a huge patch of ’em along my part since I was 22.

    • My hair is sorta a grey blonde. If it was a box colour that would be what it is called, there for those little grey bastards just blend right in. There may be more they all just look alike. I am very well at this juncture. Sorta surprising! How the heck are you?! How’s teaching the wee starfishes to shrelp the knar?!

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