Some times you eat the bar….

It’s a well known fact that the Big Lebowski is one of the best movies ever made. I think it might even be written in the bible somewhere. That little phrase from the movie replays in my head, in Sam Elliott’s voice every “less than successful” day in my life. I am presently attending school full time which I am stoked about, but I find myself once again fearing for my future, doing midterms and dealing with the fun little curve balls life throws at you to keep you humble and honest. I also experienced a 3 day hang over last week which reminded me I am not nearly as young, pretty, funny or smart as I think I am. World-1. Carly-0. But the game aint over. Some times when I am on a roller coaster of emotions I like to play some good ol’ soul classics. It makes my butt wiggle and forces me to sing into wooden spoons and other kitchen utensils which inevitably reminds me life is pretty awesome, to pull up my panties, and quit being a princess.

eat that bar!


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