Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Most people despise the tax season. I, unlike most of my home owning, family raising, multiple car insuring, financially responsible friends, live on the brink of poverty. Okay, that’s not true, but I have no assets, I own nothing, and I have some how spent the majority of the last decade educating myself and sporadically maintaining employment when I start feeling a financial pinch. I can do well living off of very little and I miraculously recovered from my credit destroying early 20’s where I thought if you moved you didn’t have to pay your bills anymore. This semester is rounding up soon, and usually I panic and run away to some isolated location to rake in some cash. This year I got a job in town, in fact I have a couple of them! They are social work related and I am excited about the prospect of having a settled life! Because of my previous gypsy ways, I often have to track down T4’s from across the province, like a private investigator. This year I have 5 and 4 of those are in my immediate possession and the remaining rogue T4 is on route! I am thankful for the technology that allows me to do my taxes with out knowing how to do long division and I am also thankful that I am just poor enough and go school enough to get a chunk of change back from the government. Thank you Government of Canada for realizing that I will one day produce revenue worthy of withholding from me for social programs but this year is not the year! The visa has seasonal affects disorder and needs help to bounce back for spring.

UPDATE: With my 5th and final t-4 I have magically been bumped into the “no fun” tax bracket where I contribute to the government just like every one else. Well, I guess that’s a first world problem I can handle. Such is life!


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